Known as the “Sunset Capital of Florida,” Navarre’s west-facing beaches showcase stunning displays as the sun sinks into the Gulf each evening. Yet the magic intensifies when experiencing the vivid hues reflected on the rippling waters. Boats, piers and waterfront dining allow savoring Navarre’s famous sunsets from ideal vantage points over the sea.

Holley By The Sea Marina

Renting kayaks or paddleboards from this marina provides front-row sunset views. Paddle the calm Santa Rosa Sound as the sky ignites in brilliant tones of orange, pink and purple. Dip paddles to glide across the glassy surface while the glowing colors dance across the tranquil waters.

The peaceful paddle conditions and unobstructed western views are perfect for catching the coastal light show. You can relax atop the water while the sun melts into the distant horizon.

The Fishing Pier

Stretching over a half-mile into the Gulf of Mexico, Navarre Pier offers ideal elevation above the sea. Stroll down the wooden length catching unbroken views. Lean against the railing and admire the sun sinking into the waves. Snap photos of fiery clouds reflecting off the azure waters.

Buy a beverage or snack at the Pier Bar and Grill to toast the day’s end. For less crowds, walk to the far end. Silhouettes of fishing rods accentuate the vivid hues dancing on the rolling surface.

Juana’s Pagodas

The sprawling wooden pagodas seem built for spectacular sunsets. Reserve early for a patio table at the Sailor’s Grill. Sip Painkillers or margaritas as the sky ignites in brilliant oranges and pinks. Watch pelicans dive for fish amid the reflection of color on the rippling sea.

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On weekends, claim a coveted bonfire pit right on the beach. Snuggle beside the flames on Adirondack chairs as daylight fades to night. End with toasted s’mores under the moonlight and lull of the surf.

Sunset Cruises

A sailboat cruise at dusk provides intimate views of the sun sinking below the horizon. Local companies offer private chartered sunset cruises on small vessels ideal for couples. Relax with your special someone as dramatic colors splash across the evening sky and mirrored waters.

Crews often provide light hors d’oeuvres and champagne or cocktails to enhance the moment. Dolphins frequently ride the boat’s wake adding natural magic. Romantics adore this rejuvenating perspective on Navarre’s sensational sunsets.

Kayak to Shell Island

Paddle out to this barrier island just before sunset for secluded views. Watching the glowing orb sink from a remote patch of sand feels worlds away yet just offshore. The National Seashore island provides immersive tranquility with panoramic scenes.

Expert kayakers can launch from Navarre Beach to reach Shell Island most directly. Only footprints join you on land. As dusk falls, make sure to paddle back following a compass bearing to stay oriented.

Marina Docktails

Watching the sunset over the boats docked along the Santa Rosa Sound provides a distinctly nautical experience. Arrive by car or boat to either Pirates Cove Marina or Juana’s to relax oceanside with your favorite cocktail.

Sipping a chilled glass of chardonnay or local brew as the sky ignites makes for straightforward sunset indulgence. For less commercial vibes, BYO beverage and snacks to the public boat launch at the soundside Navarre Park.

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However you choose to view it, a Navarre sunset over rippling waters amplifies the magical transition of day to night. Public piers, sailing cruises, restaurant patios and kayaks offer vantage points along, above or on the sea. Witness this nightly phenomenon from a scenic perspective upon the waters that showcase nature’s artwork.